Man Hunt (On a Manhunt, #1)

Vanessa Vale

Published 2022
346 pages
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Community Reviews
This was an ARC I received and holy did I ever love it! Imagine Sixteen Candles mixed with workplace romance, mixed with CEO/assistant… 👀 Overall so good, the main male character was so likable and caring, while the main female character was smart, timid, and loveable! Highly recommend and can definitely see more books in this universe coming in the future!

What’s worse than spilling coffee all over my billionaire boss? Accidentally emailing him my answers to a sex quiz. That was me. I did that. I might be a genius, but that was really dumb. I sneak into the office to delete it, but it’s too late. He knows my naughtiest fantasies. Instead of firing me, he wants to fulfill every one of them. He’s everything I didn’t know I wanted: Older, fiercely protective and a possessive streak the size of Montana. But can he really want someone like me with a past full of man struggles and a head full of math problems? Find out the answer in this steamy small town romance where a nerdy heroine is outsmarted by a lumberjack-sized billionaire in a test of love. With all the books in the On A Manhunt series, it’s always open season on men.