We're book lovers who are frustrated that there are no great apps to make journaling, tracking and sharing our reading simple & fun.

Like many of you, we began journaling over the last few years, and (for some of us) it quickly became tedious and difficult to maintain.

Creating physical journals is fun. That's how we started. But slowly we experienced how much effort it can be. Between finding book covers online, clipping them out, print them, and so on. (And embarassingly some of us don't love to write :). Then there's the fact that we'd love to have access to all our journals and stuff when we're on the go (on our phone at the doctor or waiting to pick up the kids). You get the idea!.

Surely, we thought - 'There must be an app for that'

But.... after looking high and low and side to side, none of the apps or sites did it for us. So me my erstwhile programmer husband decided to spend one vacation prototyping and building out this app.

Then we met Cassidy through Booktok, who makes the most amazing physical book journals and we all got together to create this app.

In creating this app (it's not done), we are sticking to three basic design principles:

  • Build something for enthusiasts. Listen to the community and build something that you love to use and can't live without.
  • Searching for books should be visual and clean. No clutter, no ads, etc.
  • The user experience should be fast, easy and fun to use. Eliminate the problems with physical journals while retaining the joy of journaling.
  • Sharing with friends should be simple.

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy creating it and we'd love to hear your feedback.

❤️ The Bookjournal Team

Technical Details
Version Number 0.1.1
Latest GIT: none